Debut album out now!

Get ready for an unparalleled sonic journey! Oslo's prog rock pioneers, Sykofant, have released their new album. 

Spanning 55 minutes of uninterrupted musical brilliance, Sykofant's album seamlessly blends serene ballads, pulsating funk rhythms, heart-wrenching blues melodies, and introspective jazz chaos.

Join them on a journey through the annals of classic rock music, where the past meets the future in an electrifying fusion. Don't miss out—listen now and prepare to be captivated!

See what others had to say: 

"Sykofant has unleashed a true treasure into the world of prog-rock with their self-titled debut album. The sound flowing from the speakers is not just a mere collection of songs, but an artistic journey that takes the listener on an odyssey through a variety of musical styles.”

-          Alexander Möll, AM:plified

" excellent, courageous, and unusual piece, rich with original aspects that never once make you think of something already heard."

-          Gianluca Livi, Artists and Bands

"Sykofant are a chameleon, knowing no boundaries, constantly varying with all kinds of dynamics and scores, taking time to get started and then finding even more access and approval from the listener."

-          Rajko Baers, Bertreutes Proggen 

"What a delightfully eclectic and unique-sounding opus this is! The musically playful and adventurous act known as Sykofant clearly knows how to engage, thrill, and challenge its listeners as evidenced by the dynamic and irresistibly unpredictable nature of their song material and clever arrangements."

-          Jens Nepper, RAMzine

"If I could think of one word to describe this album, it would be epic. This a thoughtfully composed, sophisticated artwork that not only pays homage to the music of decades past, but masterfully layers in modern elements that work together to take the listener on an epic journey that explores our relationships with both ourselves and our world."

-          Stephanie Zalta, Screaming from The Heavy Underground


Sykofant's album release concert: June 8th!

Mark your calendars for June 8th because Sykofant is set to captivate you with an unforgettable concert experience! Join us as we celebrate the release of their new album, promising an evening filled with raw energy, musical innovation, and pure adrenaline.

Don't miss out on this event! Secure your tickets now and join us for a night of music!